3-4 Classes


Teacher: Kristen Brown
Description:  More details coming soon!  What is STEM Club?  STEM Club focuses on motivating students' interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Through the use of the scientific method, students are launched into discovery. The program offers an opportunity to get excited about the world of Engineering and Mathematics with hands-on projects.
Supply/Copy Fee: $35 per year per student

Tuition: $195 per year/$19/50 per month

3-6 Kids in the Kitchen - MEETS ONCE A MONTH ON WEDNESDAY
Teacher: Tanya Williamson
Description:  This hands-on class will introduce third through sixth graders to basic cooking skills.   Students will learn how to use basic, age-appropriate kitchen equipment and learn skills such as baking, roasting, boiling, steaming, pan frying and stir frying. Incorporated into the hands-on class, students will be introduced to basic nutrition facts and learn how to make healthy choices in the kitchen!!
Maximum:  10 Students
Supply Fee:  $25 per student per year
Tuition: $195 per year/$19.50 per month

3-4 Visual "Artz" 
Teacher:  Mary Johnson
Description: Every class is filled with age-appropriate hands-on activities that broaden art knowledge. Students discover that each artist has a unique and distinctive style including themselves!  We believe it is important to introduce students to many different mediums and various techniques so they have the skills needed to express their creativity. This course covers a wide variety of projects including acrylic, tempera and watercolor painting, clay sculpting, graphite, colored pencil and oil and chalk pastel drawing, multimedia collaging and a few surprises! We also study and recreate famous works of art.  This course does not utilize Igrade. 
Join us for a year filled with art activities, projects and fun! The Supply/Copy fee covers all art materials for each class.  Grades are based on classroom attendance and participation.  
Maximum:  14 students
Supply/Copy Fee:  $32.00 (includes all supplies)
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

Science 3/4
Teacher:  Holly Hood
Description: Let’s delve into an exciting year of science together! We will be learning more about  God’s creation in the Bob Jones 3 curriculum by studying warm and cold-blooded animals, plants, ecosystems, matter, sound, energy, weather, the solar system, the human body and more.   Class time will be spent on the introduction of the new material and then fun, hands-on activities and experiments.  The Activity Manual provides lesson reinforcement at home.  We will have chapter quizzes approximately every three weeks, to ensure the students are mastering the new concepts and vocabulary. I desire to help your child begin a lifelong LOVE of science!
Text :BJU Science 3 (4th edition*)  Text and Activity manual
Supply fee:$35
Tuition: $345 per year/$34.50 per month

3-4 Language Arts 
Teacher: Brooke Miller
Description: This combination class focuses on literature, writing and grammar. Students will read various literature genres including: autobiography, fantasy, and historical fiction. Students will have opportunities to connect with their reading through thoughtful activities that help them relate to the novel personally. They will also learn literary elements and build comprehension skills through interactive lessons. Step by step lessons will focus on each step of the writing process. Grammar usage and mechanics will be incorporated, as well as a study on the parts of speech. Students will practice writing through a variety of age-appropriate styles including creative, narrative and persuasive. Students will have opportunities to collaborate in class presentations. The goal for this class is to encourage joy in reading and to build confidence for budding authors!
Text:  BJU English Grade 3 Student Worktext, Second Edition, Novels: 26 Fairmount Avenue by Tomie DePaola, I survived... by Lauren Tarshis, The Phantom Toll Booth by Norton Juster
Copy/Supply Fee: $30
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

3-4 Grade History/Social Studies 
Teacher: Kristin Brown

This year we will focus on Virginia History and US Geography, and American Pioneers. Since Virginia plays an important role in the beginning of the United States of America and it’s where we live, we are going to focus on Virginia!   We will learn the history, famous Virginians, about our regions, wildlife, and more. We will also learn ALL 50 states!!  We will focus on where the state is located, its abbreviation and capital.  We learn some funny things about the state and what makes it famous.  We have fun games and puzzles to help us learn along the way.  We will focus on 3 states/ week and by the end of the year, you will know them all!  After we learn about Virginia we will learn about the American Pioneers! Those people who left the settled areas and took on an adventure to explore the west. Our stories will be told by the children who went with their families to settle.  This class will have many hands-on activities and projects along the way! 
 Text:  The Star-Spangled Workbook, American Pioneer and patriots (2nd Edition), Heinemann State Studies: Virginia History, and others.
***Do NOT order these yet.  If they are too difficult to find, I am going to change books!!

Copy Fee: $25
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

1st -4th Grade Enrichment    
Teacher:  Joy Moody
Description:  Enrichment uses engaging children's literature to reinforce math, language, and geography concepts.  This class is extremely hands-on.  We cut, draw, paint, glue and solve puzzles/problems.  This class will remain for grades 1-4.  If there is a high enrollment, the class will be divided into grade levels 1-2 and 3-4 so we can further specialize learning.  Be ready for ALL NEW stories and activities taken from Five in a Row, Volume 2.  
Text:  none
Copy Fee:  $25
Tuition:  $345 per year/$34.50 per month

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