7-12 Science Classes

MS Science
Teacher:  Stephanie York
Description: Unlike many middle school curricula and courses, this revised middle school class surveys many broad topics within the realm of science in order to give the middle school student a taste of each branch of science and better prepare them for the high school years.  Students will not only learn about the scientific method, but will explore Earth Science (astronomy, geology,meteorology, oceanography, paleontology), General Chemistry, General Physics, General Biology and Life Science, Marine Science, and Environmental Science all through the eyes of creation.  Hands on experiments will be included throughout the year giving students practical experience in discovering the principles taught and in recording and reporting data.  This course will culminate with taking all of the principles learned throughout the year to create a Rube-Goldberg machine.  How exciting is that?? 
Textbooks Required:  Apologia General Science 3rd edition textbook AND Student Notebook
Copy/lab fee:  $60

Tuition: $370 per year/$37 per

Physical Science
Teacher: Stephanie York
Description:  Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, "The more I study science, the more I believe in God."  Physical Science introduces us to the stunning world that God created from the composition of air to icebergs to astrophysics.  Students will participate in note taking, discussions, and labs as they learn about everything from the hydrosphere to the atmosphere and beyond.  Students should have an understanding of algebraic concepts since this will be involved when learning about gravity and the physics of motion. 

Textbook:  Apologia Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 2nd edition
Copy/lab fee: $60

Tuition: $370 per year/$37 per

Teacher:  TBD
Description: Exploring Creation with Biology is a course that will demonstrate the complexity and wonder of God’s creation through a comprehensive introduction to the methods and concepts of general biology. Students will learn about the study of life by exploring bacteria, fungi, chemistry, cellular function, genetics, ecosystems, and much more! Classes will consist of interactive lectures and experiments
Text: Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology (2nd  edition) Students need the Text and Tests that are in the accompanying Solutions Manual that is recommended for parents AND students need to purchase an Exploring Creation with Biology Student Notebook.
Copy/Lab/Supply fee: $55.00 per student per year
Tuition: $495.00 per year/$49.50 per month

Teacher: Katie Learned
Description:  This lab course is suited for students who have already completed Algebra I. Curiosity required! We practice accuracy with calculations, familiarity with common lab equipment and safety, and understanding of fundamental topics including units, the classification of matter, stoichiometry, thermodynamics, kinetics, acids and bases, redox reactions, atomic structure, ideal gases, and chemical equilibrium. Labs are a large part of this course. We do a little of everything from fire to acid to demonstrations involving low-pressure environments with the aim of them serving as touchstones for as many key concepts as possible.
Text: Exploring Creation With Chemistry, 2nd Edition by Jay Wiles
Copy/Lab/Supply Fee:  $60 per student per year
Tuition: $495 per year/$49.50 per month

Forensic Science and Anatomy
Teacher: Katie Learned
Description: This class is a lab-driven overview of the techniques of Forensic Science, as well as an introduction to numerous topics in anatomy. Focus will be on familiarizing ourselves with the tools God gives us to fight for justice, and during class time students will engage in labs relating to the investigation of crime scenes and the analysis of evidence. Homework consists mostly of reading and written assignments while we do more hands-on work in class. Labs include practicing fingerprinting techniques, examining various tools and the marks they may leave at the scene of a crime, dissecting a rat in the second semester, blood typing, and more. As in years past, this class will not address extremely sensitive matters, such as rape or crimes having to do with children, but discussions of circumstances surrounding death and the biological processes of decay are frequent. Curiosity is a must; a strong stomach is beneficial.
Text: Death’s Acre by Bill Bass, Stiff by Mary Roach, Forensics for Dummies 2nd Edition by D.P. Lyle
Copy/Lab/Supply Fee:  $60 per student per year
Tuition: $495 per year/$49.50 per month   

 Teacher: Katie Learned
 Description: Physics is the study of matter, energy, and the interaction between them. This college-prep lab course is suited for students who have a solid grasp of algebra as well as some experience working with sine, cosine, and tangent. Our text covers one-dimensional and two-dimensional motion, Newton’s laws and their application, gravity, work and energy, momentum, periodic motion, waves, optics, electrostatics, electrodynamics, electrical circuits, and magnetism. Labs and discussions of the interplay of forces in outer space are frequent.
 Text: Exploring Creation With Physics, 2nd Edition by Jay Wiles
Copy/Lab/Supply Fee:  $60 per student per year
Tuition: $495 per year/$49.50 per month   
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