Mrs. Bowen has a degree in secondary education but has found over the years that her favorite age range is 5th through 8th grade.   Mrs. Bowen spent many years at home raising her daughters but has a lot of experience in the classroom with students.  Not only does she have classroom experience in the middle school range, but she also has held many volunteer positions with children including Children's Program Teacher, Asst. Direct and Director with Community Bible Study since 2004.

Meet Our Teachers

Denise Barisano

Mary Bergman

Shona Bracco

Denise graduated from The College of Charleston with a B.S. in Mathematics and worked in healthcare management and banking, while accompanying her Army husband, Gregg, around the United States and Germany.  Denise and Gregg have two daughters, Kathryn and Natalie, and a son-in-law, Josh.  Denise homeschooled her daughters for 8 years and now both girls are James Madison University graduates.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, being with family, and traveling.  Denise has been blessed to be a part of the CCA staff since 2009 and she thoroughly enjoys teaching and getting to know each student.
Mary holds a  BA in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   She married her husband Brad in 1992 and began life as a wife of a US Marine.  They lived in North Carolina, Hawaii, Louisiana and South Carolina before settling in Richmond.  During these military years, she was privileged to teach and mentor children from a variety of backgrounds and in a variety of environments. She and Brad have three children, ages 21, 17 and 13.  Mary home schooled each of the children for many years, though only the youngest is still schooled at home and at CCA.     One of her greatest joys is working with children and young adults, teaching, encouraging and cheering them on to the life God has for them.   
Shona graduated from the College of Charleston with a BS in Sociology. She and her husband Mark have been blessed with five children. They enjoyed the adventures of many cross-country moves during Mark’s twenty-year active duty Navy career. Shona has been homeschooling since 1997. Both of her sons are graduates of a military college. Her oldest two daughters are in college, and her youngest is a high school student at CCA. Her children have attended CCA since 2010. She enjoys helping homeschool moms prepare their students for college and adult life.

Kristin Brown

Amber Fischer

Jennifer Barber

Amber is a Richmond, VA native and graduated from VCU with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Criminal Justice with forensic crime scene investigation as a focus. Amber has been working in the field of Psychology in one form or another since graduation from VCU. Her professional experience in the field includes working on a forensic psychiatric unit within Northern VA Mental Health Institute, becoming a board certified Qualified Mental Health Professional conducting Mental Health Skill Building and Intensive In Home Therapy, working as an instructor for children with special needs and working with the medically and behaviorally complex populations served through Medicaid. She strives to instill a love of psychology akin to her own and give students a well rounded view of the field and it's many niches."
Kristin has a Bachelor of Science in Education with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology from Va Tech.  After graduating, but before getting married and starting her family, she worked in Tucson, AZ and Winston-Salem, NC as a wellness coordinator and instructor and spent one summer as a program directorat a camp in Connecticutfor children with special needs.  When she moved to Richmond In 2005, she began staying at home to focus on her family. She participated as a teacher at a homeschool preschool co-op before beginning to homeschool 9 years ago.  She believes that learning can be fun and enjoys helping others learn something new!
Kristin and her husband have 2 girls ages 16 and 13.  They all spend most of their free time  at the softball fields!
Jenn Barber graduated from Samford University in Alabama with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication and Theatre.  She also obtained her Master of Divinity in 2001.  She and her husband, Brian, have been homeschooling their six children for 13 years. Through the years, she has taught children and teens in a variety of capacities in places like church and homeschool co-ops.  Most recently, she tutored high school students in the Classical Conversations Challenge program.  Her own six children range in age from 18 to 3 so she has a heart for all age groups.  She is excited to get back to the foundational kindergarten class this year and is looking forward to working with your students.

Tracy Francis

Lucy Gregory

Abigail Grove

Tracy graduated in three years from Barton College with a degree in Mathematics and a concentration in Education.  She taught high school math for three years in Hanover County before starting a family.  Tracy home educated her own children for seventeen years.  Her daughter is a 2014 Liberty University graduate and was married in Spring 2016.  Her son graduated from Eastern Nazarene College in Boston, MA in May 2019, where he went to play baseball and live in the city he loves.  She also now has a grandson that she absolutely adores!!  Tracy has been with the academy from the beginning and enjoys being able to follow both of her passions:  teaching math in the classroom and being deeply involved in the lives of her husband and "children" and grandson. Tracy also works with  Ms. Williamson as one of the directors of CCA. 
Lucy Gregory is originally from Venezuela, South America. The Lord brought her to this beautiful
country more than 20 years ago.
Lucy is married and has three daughters, whom she has homeschooled since 2013. With her oldest daughter successfully graduated from High School, Lucy continues to homeschool her two younger daughters.
Lucy has taught Spanish at CCA since 2018 and loves to introduce the Latin-American culture as she teaches Spanish to her class. She introduces Spanish in a fun and interactive way, giving students the opportunity of going to a variety of Field trips. Some may include taking a Latin dance class, attending a Hispanic church service and going out to a nearby Hispanic restaurant.
More importantly, Lucy loves to serve the Lord by coming alongside CCA families interested in obtaining the required foreign language credit for H.S. and also helping those students that have an interest in serving in a ministry to the Hispanic community or have the calling on going to a missions' trip to a Latin-American country.
Lucy looks forward to see what the Lord has for CCA, her students and her life this coming year!

For 15 years, Abigail Pegram Grove has offered middle and high school classes throughout the Richmond homeschool community in writing, grammar, literature, and history. Her heartfelt desire is to aid students in the development of an organized, engaging writing style. She is passionately interested in helping teens to think logically and act honorably. Abigail lives with her amazing husband and adorable son in Chesterfield where they enjoy Star Wars marathons and late night discussions about Harry Potter, faith, and UVA basketball.

Holly Hood

Jeannette Gratz

Cristal Jenkins

Holly Hood graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Biblical studies. She taught for six years before coming home to raise and teach her own three children. She has been a homeschooling mom for the past thirteen years  and has been the director of a homeschool program for the past eight. She loves teaching children and is looking forward to teaching your child.
Jeannette Gratz is the mother of 21 year old Deaf twins. When she first learned her twins were Deaf, she began taking Sign language classes at a college, but soon learned that immersing herself in the Deaf World was the best way to learn their culture and their language. She has taught many sign language classes throughout the years for high schools, churches, and programs for parents and advocates of Deaf children. Jeannette is surrounded by American Sign Language in her home life, professional life, and even in her ministry as the Deaf Ministry pastor at Southside Nazarene Church. She is a firm believer that American Sign Language makes the world a better place, and is a huge advocate for bringing Deaf Culture into all areas of life: school, work, church, etc.
Cristal has a B.A in Sociology from Pacific Lutheran University and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington. She is pursuing a Doctorate in Community Care and Counseling: Traumatology from Liberty University. Cristal has been in the field of social services and counseling for the past 13 years. In her current role, she is a clinical assessor for HCA and provides private outpatient counseling in her own practice as well as through online. Cristal married her wonderful and supportive husband Dereck in 2007. Together they have two incredible children, Jayden (Jay) and Matthew (Matty), both of whom attend CCA. Cristal and her family are animal lovers and joke that their house is a zoo. They have four cats, three dogs, two guinea pigs, fish and 10 chickens. Cristal feels blessed to be a part of the CCA family.

Mary Johnson

Brooke Miller

Katie Learned

Instructional art teacher, Mary Johnson, has created a thriving business in which her experience as a master teacher, her vibrant personality, and her eye for method and detail make her an asset to aspiring artists at all levels.
Mary’s goal is to teach the fundamental techniques necessary for each participant to discover their unique style. Mary provides a friendly environment helping, encouraging and challenging each student to reach his or her individual artistic potential. As her students grow in skill and confidence, she teaches the increasingly subtle techniques used by great artists. Mary offers a multimedia art experience! From painting and drawing to collaging and 3D projects, students of all ages and ability levels are welcome. Her own considerable skill and recognized contribution to the artistic community of the greater Richmond area make her the perfect choice for your needs. Mary does not disappoint; Mary inspires.
Formerly homeschooled, Katie holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and has a passion for the subject. Katie has been teaching and tutoring homeschool students in the Richmond area for upwards of five years. She enjoys gardening, reads an absurd number of math-related books, and during breaks finds herself inexorably drawn to Khan Academy’s upper level math videos and/or bios of famous mathematicians from days past. (Archimedes anyone?)
Brooke has a B.S in Psychology and a M.A in Teaching from Liberty University. She came out of college stepping into the world of social work, however she found her passion was in teaching. Brooke taught for six years in public education teaching 6th and 8th grade English. Soon after the birth of her first child, she left the public school environment to stay at home with her daughter. Then, a year and a half later her son was born. She and her husband have also recently started fostering and are currently excited to have and care for a baby boy. This is Brooke’s third year at CCA and her daughter began attending last year. Brooke has also been an ESL tutor for VIPKID the past 3 years. She loves working with children and is grateful and excited to be a part of the CCA family.

Joy Moody

Juliana Moore

Wesley Pritchard

Joy has her degree in Exercise Science from VCU. She was recruited by the Chesterfield Co. Public School System to be a middle school Health & Physical Education teacher in order to make exercise fun for children. After her oldest daughter was born, she chose to stay home and only work part time. She uses her degree and various certifications in Personal Training and Group Exercise to teach adults movement for the YMCA of Greater Richmond. This part time job has great flexibility and has allowed Joy to focus on her first calling-homeschooling her 3 daughters. Her oldest started at the CCA in Kindergarten and is a rising high school sophomore. She loves people and enjoys teaching no matter the age. ​
 Juliana Moore earned both her Bachelor of Arts in German and Master of Teaching degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1999. While at VCU in her senior year, she was awarded the Excellence in German award for highest academic achievement. Prior to making the decision to stay home and raise her own children, Juliana taught German levels 1 through 5 here in Chesterfield County at both Monacan High School and Midlothian Middle School. After taking a break from teaching, she is excited and looking forward to being back in the classroom and teaching a subject she enjoys so much.  Juliana is married with two children ages 12 and 16, both of whom are homeschooled and have also attended CCA since kindergarten.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, cooking, music, and other creative projects. She and her family are active members of her local church, where she co-leads a weekly women’s Bible study.
Wesley has been going to CCA for as long as he can remember, and has learned all his major subjects right here. Now that he has graduated from CCA and is currently going to JTCC, he is extremely happy to have this opportunity to give back to his school. He has been studying fencing for three years and can’t wait to share his knowledge and experience with others. Wesley has had plenty of leadership experience as Senior Patrol Leader of his Boy Scout troop for close to five years. When he isn’t studying for class, Wesley makes sandwiches at our local Subway. Fencing is one of the joys Wesley got to do when he was a student, and he can’t wait to teach the next generation of fencers.



Linda Sundquist

Sarah Tarabocchia

Jerry Varner

Linda graduated from William and Mary with a BS in Biology, and worked as a naturalist, Research assistant in university labs and swimming instructor until she was blessed to stay home with her 4 children.  She was delighted to homeschool them for 25 years and teach in 3 different co-ops.  The three oldest have completed college (William and Mary, Harvard, and USoCal) and the youngest will finish in a few years.  She has recently been a substitute teacher in Rockingham Co and Fairfax Co Public Schools, and tutored English and ESL.  She and her husband moved to the area in June 2018 for his job at a local church.  She loves all aspects of Biology and the amazing complexity of life, and is looking forward to teaching this class again!
Sarah Tarabocchia is a Midlothian, Virginia native and attended VCU School of Nursing, but it was her love of the creative arts that drew her to become a professional photographer and studio owner. Sarah has over 20 years of photographic experience in both film and digital media. While her professional experience has focused mainly on weddings and portraits, she has also taught high school students digital photography since 2015 and home educated her three children since 2007. For her, teaching the fundamentals and art of photography has allowed her to share her passion with the next generation of photographers. Currently, she owns Sarah Chase Photography and resides in Midlothian with her husband, three teenagers and two dogs.
Jerry Varner is a graduate of Nyack College (Nyack, NY) and has been in fulltime ministry to middle and high school students ever since. He’s got a bachelor’s degree in Bible and Student Ministry and LOVES interacting with students in a way that is engaging, entertaining, and educational! Jerry has spoken to students and youth leaders on the local and national level. Father of 4 and husband of 1, Jerry loves to invest in students in order to instill in them a love for learning and a hunger for God’s Word. He’s been with CCA (almost) since its beginning and over the years, former students have come back to share just how beneficial his classes have been in helping them prepare for the future.

Tanya Williamson

Carrie Woolfolk

Stephanie York

Tanya homeschooled 3 children for 7 years and has successfully sent one homeschooled child to college on a full academic scholarship.  Prior to homeschooling, Tanya taught at Heritage Christian Academy where she developed, implemented, and taught a program for gifted students.  Also at HCA, Tanya taught the 3rd grade.  Her education includes degrees in English Literature from Christopher Newport University, Early Childhood Development from JTCC, and History from Mary Baldwin College.  Since entering the homeschool arena, Tanya has worked to become well-versed in homeschool curriculum and appropriate benchmarks for students.  While history has been her main teaching endeavor at CCA, in 2018 she returned to school to pursue studying her love of medicine/nutrition and.  Tanya is currently a licensed Nutritional Therapy Practioner and recently graduated as a Certified WFPB Chef through the American Culinary Federation.   In addition to teaching, Tanya enjoys working with Ms. Francis directing CCA and fulfilling all the various administrative duties.  
Carrie Woolfolk has been teaching students science for the last 18 years.  With her degree in Chemistry and Math, she began as a public school teacher in Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Biology, and Algebra I/II.  After leaving the public schools, she turned to teaching private homeschool courses out of homes, which developed into a teaching position with CCA.  Along with her main subject of high school Chemistry, she has also taught Physics, Forensic Science, Anatomy, Engineering, and Computer Skills.  She loves all things technology, and enjoys using technology to enhance a scientific topic, making it more understandable and enjoyable for students.  She has been homeschooling her 3 boys for their entire lives, living on their large family farm in rural Louisa county.  She also owns and operates a local gym, which keeps her constant in the world of the health and fitness.  Carrie is thrilled to be returning to CCA after a brief hiatus, and gives praise to the Lord for His never-ending blessings!

Stephanie is a native of Chesterfield County and a graduate of VCU.  She has always had a love for teaching and working with students of all ages.  This passion was discovered early in her teen years when she started working in a  before and after school-age program at a local child care facility.  While continuing to work with young people, she went on to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Education.  Upon graduation, she was employed with Chesterfield County Public Schools as an elementary teacher.  Once she and her husband, Chris, began a family, Stephanie came home to be a full-time mom to her boys, now ages 24, 22, and 20.  As her children grew, she returned to work as a director of a Christian preschool and daycare facility where she eventually implemented a private Kindergarten program.  Later, the Lord placed it upon her heart to homeschool her boys and she left the workforce to return home as a homeschool mom.  Each of her boys have had a different educational journey.  One graduated from public school and is currently in the workforce with plans to get married this year.  And after 10 years of homeschooling, two have graduated from homeschooling and are now attending college at VCU and Barton College in Wilson, NC.  As a teacher of several science classes at CCA, her desire is for students to learn to see God's handiwork in all of life as they learn about the world He created.  In addition to teaching, Stephanie leads the Women's Ministry and Children's Ministry at her local church.  During the summer, she can be found poolside coaching a local swim team.  

Ashley Wilda

Ashley Wilda is a Christian, writer, teacher, artist, and athlete living in Richmond, Virginia. Having attended the University of Richmond and the Vermont College of Fine Arts, she holds a B.A. in English and an M.F.A. in creative writing for children and young adults. She currently teaches writing at John Tyler Community College and is represented by Liz Nealon of Great Dog Literary for her poetry and fiction. Having been an alternatively schooled child, she understands the unique needs and blessings of the alternative schooling community. When not teaching or experimenting with words, she can be found rock climbing, playing music, creating art, and exploring the outdoors with her dog, Phoenix.